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Volunteer Wakefield

Creating a new district-wide volunteering service

Volunteer Wakefield is a new volunteering service for the Wakefield district. We were tasked with developing a brand identity for the service along with an online volunteering hub plus a marketing campaign to attract both volunteer providers and potential volunteers. 

Branding & website

Building a brand backed by research

We undertook research with both volunteers and non- volunteers in order to identify motivations and barriers relating to volunteering. This research was used to create an inclusive brand that appeals to a broad range of ages.

Involving local people

As well as involving local people in the research stage, we met and photographed local volunteers to capture the people of Wakefield in the project and encourage others to see that volunteering is for them. 

Helping people find an opportunity that’s right for them

We created a website that is structured to allow visitors to find the opportunity that’s right for them, whether that’s opportunities nearby, within specific sectors, or suitable for people with specific interests.