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We are Let’s Dance.

We’re a creative collective / We’re Let’s Dance, and we’re passionate about what we do. In words or in pictures, in print or online, we love helping people get their message across. / We’re trying to do something good / Let’s Dance wasn’t born out of a desire to build an empire; we’re really not interested in ruling the world. We just want to do our bit to help make it a nicer place – and hopefully have some fun while we’re at it. / We’re small but perfectly formed / At our core we’re a little creative partnership, connected with a wider network of creatives sharing our values. This means we’re friendly and personable but still adaptable enough to take on big projects. / We like working with good people / We’ve worked with indies, social enterprises and charities (big and small), so we know they’re the people we like helping most. It also means we don’t assume massive budgets, deliver jargon-filled pitches or make unethical choices. /


Digital & Comms

With a passion for coding and an MA in Communication, John loves using digital to make good things happen.


Design & Branding

Seven years’ industry experience and a friendly, contemporary style make Nat a perfect fit for organisations doing good.


Photo & Video 

Ollie loves photo and video – he’s studied both, spent three years creating them for charities, and he works in independent cinema.

We help good people
say good things.


Things demanding to be played with now, not shoved in a pocket.

Tell us what you want to achieve and we’ll not only find the solution – we’ll make sure it’s beautiful too.


Click. Tap. Scroll. Swipe. Look good online and get results.

We don’t just make digital that looks good. We create experiences that take people on a journey.


Not just a pretty face. Change the space you occupy in people’s heads.

Discover where you are now and decide where you want to be. Then we’ll work with you to get you there.


Get clever. Create a clear vision and have all you do help achieve it.

We’ll help you get to know your audience, then develop simple plans for better communication.

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Take a look
at what we do



We love it because it communicates even the most complicated of messages simply and clearly. But we also like it because it’s so fun.

Nat used an animation to help Royal Holloway Students’ Union share some big news in a way that engaged a broad range of stakeholders.

Digital campaigns

Digital campaigns

Our coordinated campaigns span web, email and social media. Every project we take on is a labour of love – no off-the-shelf templates in sight!

John was the lead digital role for the Young Co-operators’ Prize, a digital-first campaign spanning web, social media and email.

Brand identity

Brand identity

What do people think when they hear your name, pick up your product or walk through your door? We’ll help you get the reaction you want.

Nat knows how things should look, while John understands how they should sound. Together, they’ll create a visual and verbal language that gets your brand working how it should.



By ink or by pixel, let us use original illustration to create something that’s uniquely you.

Nat loves drawing foxes (and bears!) but she also loves using illustration to create new worlds that bring ideas to life.

Modern web design

Modern web design

We build responsive sites that perform well across all devices. They’re fast, search-friendly and super easy to update.

John built Casa Cantagallina, a holiday villa site pairing modern web design techniques with a traditional aesthetic fitting for a rural villa.

Campaign branding

Campaign branding

First we’ll get to know your audience. Second we’ll define your message. Then we’ll do the exciting bit: connecting the two together.

John and Nat have been branding campaigns together for many years. Together they bring the perfect mix of left– and right–brain.

Promo print

Promotional print

Don't waste your money on something that isn’t read. By combining the right format, stock, ink and design, we create print people want to pick up and play with.

Nat has produced print for a wide range of audiences, and her strong relationship with quality printers gives you one less thing to worry about.



We love making photos a part of our work, especially when they’re large, confident and clear.

Ollie likes creating environmental portraits that pair straightforward aesthetics with emotional honesty.

Impact reporting

Impact reporting

Don’t get bogged down in the detail. We’ll help you start telling the story of how you’re proud to be who you are and do what you do.

John and Nat love helping charities and social enterprises share the impact of their work with the people that matter.



From large-format wall art to the signs on your toilet doors, every inch of your space tells a story. We’ll make it one that’s both positive and consistent.

Nat has helped organisations both big and small by communicating the things that matter and making them a fun space to be in.



We think authentic video equals great storytelling – whether you’re capturing a special moment or wanting to get people talking about an issue.

Ollie accurately conveys atmosphere by capturing the right details, while his friendliness means he puts even the most camera-shy at ease.

The MSL system

The MSL system

From new builds to quick fixes, five years’ experience with the MSL system means we create content that looks good and makes the most of your membership data.

John led restructure and builds for both Aberdeen University Students’ Association and Leeds University Union.

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The perfect blend of delivering the brief while suggesting features we wouldn’t have considered

Bespoke web solutions that benefitted us as well as our end users

Complicated ideas communicated in a simple, empathetic way

Not only does our new site look fantastic, it’s incredibly easy to maintain too